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do diabetic shoes help with neuropathy

by Ethelyn Hudson Jr. Published 1 year ago Updated 7 months ago

Shoes for diabetics are specifically designed to reduce the occurrence of corns, bunions, gangrene and hammertoe that may result from diabetic neuropathy. The shoes are fitted with foam padding across the top of the foot and around the collar to prevent friction and provide deep cushioning for your feet.

What are the best sneakers for neuropathy?

Some of the best shoes for neuropathy

  • Propét Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker. These walking shoes are available in six colors and 14 sizes. ...
  • Orthofeet Men’s Lava Stretch Knit. These athletic shoes are available in three colors and 13 sizes. ...
  • Dr Comfort Women’s Lu Lu. ...
  • Dr Comfort Men’s Stallion. ...
  • Skechers Women’s GOwalk Arch Fit – Classic Outlook. ...
  • Skechers Men’s After Burn – Memory Fit. ...

Which diabetic shoes are best for You?

What are the Best Sandals for diabetics?

  1. Propet Breeze Sandal For Women. Propet Breeze Walker Sandals for women is a comfortable, orthopedic sandal ideal for individuals with diabetes.
  2. Orthofeet Alpine – For Men. A super comfortable, pain-free and stylish orthopedic sandals with a 60 days money-back guarantee. ...
  3. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essential Eva Sandals – Unisex. ...

More items...

What are the best shoes for diabetic neuropathy in feet?

What are the best shoes for Peripheral Neuropathy?

  1. Lightweight. Breathability. ...
  2. Comfortable. According to the National Institute of Diabetes, between 60 and 70 percent of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy.
  3. Full-EVA midsole offers balanced ride. ...

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What should I take for diabetic neuropathy?

For diabetic neuropathy, you may want to try:

  • Capsaicin. Capsaicin cream, applied to the skin, can reduce pain sensations in some people. ...
  • Alpha-lipoic acid. This powerful antioxidant is found in some foods and may help relieve nerve pain symptoms in some people.
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine. ...
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). ...
  • Acupuncture. ...


What is the best shoe for diabetic neuropathy?

Some of the best shoes for neuropathyPropét Women's Tour Walker Strap Sneaker.Orthofeet Men's Lava Stretch Knit.Dr Comfort Women's Lu Lu.Dr Comfort Men's Stallion.Skechers Women's GOwalk Arch Fit – Classic Outlook.Skechers Men's After Burn – Memory Fit.

What are the benefits of wearing diabetic shoes?

Advantages of diabetic footwearProvide better motion control.Promote circulation.Prevent skin breakdown.Prevent the formation of calluses.Reduce foot problems in high-pressure areas of the foot.

What helps diabetic neuropathy in your feet?

For diabetic neuropathy, you may want to try:Capsaicin. Capsaicin cream, applied to the skin, can reduce pain sensations in some people. ... Alpha-lipoic acid. ... Acetyl-L-carnitine. ... Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). ... Acupuncture.

What's the difference in diabetic shoes and regular shoes?

Diabetic shoes are often wider and deeper than regular shoes to accommodate a special multi-density insert that is designed to reduce pressure and callouses to the bottom of feet. Diabetic shoes have a larger “toe box” to prevent squeezing of the toes.

Can normal people wear diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes have a special shape and design, and they are made specifically for people with diabetes – which tends to cause issues with circulation and sensation, particularly in the feet.

Should diabetics wear shoes all the time?

If you're diabetic, we recommend you wear socks and shoes at all times. If you're sporting bare feet, it's much more likely you'll step on a pebble, stick, or even a piece of glass that cuts through your skin. You won't feel especially hot pavement and could experience a serious burn.

What is the life expectancy for someone with diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic autonomic neuropathy accounts for silent myocardial infarction and shortens the lifespan resulting in death in 25%–50% patients within 5–10 years of autonomic diabetic neuropathy. According to an estimate, two thirds of diabetic patients have clinical or subclinical neuropathy.

What is the new treatment for neuropathy?

New Treatment An extremely important recent FDA approval was just announced authorizing spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy. We expect this to help the lives of thousands.

Is walking good for neuropathy in feet?

Regular exercise, such as walking three times a week, can reduce neuropathy pain, improve muscle strength and help control blood sugar levels. Gentle routines such as yoga and tai chi might also help.

Are orthopedic and diabetic shoes the same?

In general, therapeutic shoes are specifically designed to keep your feet healthy if you have neuropathy, nerve damage, or an existing foot injury. Orthopedic shoes are shoes designed to give more comfort to those with bunions, corns, or other foot problems. Not everyone who wears orthopedic shoes has diabetes.

Does Skechers make a diabetic shoe?

Amazon.com: Diabetic Shoes - Skechers. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color.

How do I get diabetic shoes?

You can buy the shoes from your podiatrist or other medical supply carriers. Another option is finding a supplier online. Your diabetic shoes need to be both fitted by a podiatrist or other doctor. Whoever prescribes diabetic shoes can also supply the shoes.

What is the best treatment for neuropathy in your feet and legs?

An exclusive and effective treatment for neuropathy in the legs and feet, The Combination Electro-analgesia Therapy, (CET), has been extremely effective in relieving pain and discomfort, reversing your numbness, and restoring your sensation while improving your acuity, balance, and strength in your hands and feet.

Does Vicks Vapor Rub help neuropathy pain?

Vicks Vapor Rub® – Massaging one's feet with Vicks, particularly at night, soothes neuropathic pain and distress in one's feet and legs.

What are some home remedies for diabetic feet?

Here are 9 that may provide relief:Soaking feet in cold water or an ice bath. Soaking the feet in cold water can help temporarily relieve the symptoms of BFS. ... Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) ... Epsom salt. ... Apple cider vinegar. ... Turmeric supplements. ... Fish oil. ... Ginger. ... Lidocaine or capsaicin.More items...•

How do you reverse diabetic neuropathy?

There is currently no way to reverse diabetic neuropathy, although scientists are working on future treatments. For now, the best approach is to manage blood sugar levels through medication and lifestyle changes. Keeping glucose within target levels can reduce the risk of developing neuropathy and its complications.

What shoes should I wear for neuropathy?

Whether you have peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or other factors, you should wear adaptive footwear.

What is the best shoe for diabetics?

Orthofeet is the most podiatrist-recommended orthopedic shoe company for diabetes and neuropathy patients. The Quincy Stretch Slip-on shoes are extremely comfortable and offer integral protection.

What are Skechers shoes?

The outsoles are lightweight and flexible to help ease neuropathy foot pain and promote foot traction. These Skechers walking shoes are available in different widths (narrow, medium, or wide for women and regular, wide, or x-wide for men). It’s ideal for people suffering from sensitive and achy feet, swollen feet, edema, or simply having wider feet!

What causes numbness in feet?

Whether caused by diabetes or chemotherapy, peripheral neuropathy seriously affects the feet. Symptoms such as tingling, numbness, burning feet, or shooting pain may vary from mild to extremely painful.

How to know if a shoe qualifies for Medicare?

To know if a shoe qualifies for Medicare reimbursement, check on the product description. You should see the code A5500. I have not found any information about shoe coverage for chemo-induced neuropathy or other kinds of peripheral neuropathy.

Is New Balance good for neuropathy?

All in all though, these New Balance sneakers are good walking shoes for those suffering mild to severe neuropathy symptoms. We can only regret that the company’s Medicare-approved choices are limited to the most basic models.

Does Medicare cover diabetic shoes?

According to the Therapeut ic Shoes Bill, Medicare covers shoes for neuropathy if you have diabetes and qualify for Medicare Part B. Diabetic shoes must be prescribed by a foot specialist (podiatrist, orthopedist, prothesis, pedorthist) and must have received approval from Medicare first.

Why are diabetic shoes designed in different widths?

Diabetic shoes are normally designed in a variety of different widths to help adhere to the fit of multiple people, which can help with protection.

What to know before buying diabetic shoes?

Before going out and buying the first diabetic pair of shoes you see or trying to choose between insoles, socks or footwear, we recommend that you consult your doctor about your needs. Make sure that you let them know about any issues or pain you may already be having or feeling in order to best serve you and your needs .

What to do if your foot hurts while walking?

If you don’t feel as comfortable jumping right into buying a whole new pair of shoes, you can also settle for diabetic insoles or socks, which can also help. This change can help give you another option to help you with your foot pain and keep your lower extremities as safe and healthy as possible. Diabetic insoles or socks work by supporting the legs and feet while you walk, as well as provide adequate blood flow—unlike other, restricting or constricting socks that might run a little too tight.

What is orthotic support?

The Orthotic Support: Something that can be helpful not only for those with diabetes, a supportive interior and sole can also help with supporting the arch when you walk—giving you that loose and comfortable fit.

Why is it important to take care of your feet?

The Importance of the Health of Your Feet. Especially if you have diabetes, you will want to take extra care of your feet. The small and simple problem of an ulcer or callus can turn into something much more detrimental to your health—especially if you’ve lost the sense of feeling in your lower extremities.

Can you wear socks with insoles?

You will also definitely want to talk to your doctor about your options. It’s possible that insoles and socks won’t be the only solution. For example, you can also benefit from the combination of all three. These can definitely help you keep healthy legs and feet as you walk around.

Do diabetics have special needs for shoes?

Because these companies know that not only do patients with diabetes have special needs when it comes to foot wear, they also know that there are unique people out there with unique feet, period.

Pricing guide

General price ranges are indicated below with dollar signs, from $ to $$$. One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable. Three dollar signs indicate a higher price range.

Will insurance cover shoes?

Well designed shoes for neuropathy can be costly. If you have insurance, check to see if your provider covers shoes for neuropathy before you buy.

Dr. Comfort William X

This casual, popular shoe has extra depth for comfort and is a good choice for people with neuropathy and edema.

Orthofeet Sanibel Mary Jane

These most-occasion shoes are attractive, comfortable, and durable. They come in medium, wide, and extra-wide options.

Ortho f eet Coral Stretch Knit

Orthofeet shoes for neuropathy have a wide toe box and a deeply cushioned heel. An ergonomic cushioning sole provides comfort and balance stability.

Ortho f eet Edgewater Stretch Knit

These athletic shoes for men have a wide toe box and stretchable uppers. They come in regular, wide, extra-wide, and extra-extra wide options.

Apex Trail Runner

These water-resistant hiking boots are designed to protect the feet of people with diabetes from chafing, impact, and instability. They come in medium, wide, and extra-wide options.

What is the best shoe for diabetics with neuropathy?

2. Orthofeet Athletic Shoes. Orthofeet Athletic is the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy for women since it has everything you need. The upper part of the shoe is stretchable providing maximum comfort as they tend to take the shape of the foot and also helps eliminate pressure points.

What shoes should diabetics wear?

This can result in complications and serious infections. Those with diabetic neuropathy should wear comfortable shoes specially designed to protect their sensitive feet and also provide comfort. Orthofeet is a company that typically specializes in orthopedic footwear and designs the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy.

What are Tahoe athletic shoes?

Tahoe Athletic Shoes are ideal for women that hate the hassle that comes with straps or find trouble bending. This innovative tie-less shoes typically combines discreet straps and laces to allow fastening without necessarily tying the laces. Besides, this shoe comes with all the ideal features for diabetics with neuropathy.

What are ortho feet made of?

Orthofeet Athletic Shoes is made of fabric uppers to allow free flow of air and keep your diabetic feel well-aerated and dry. The interior of the shoes is totally seam free helping eliminate irritation and rubbing on the skin making them the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy. The extra depth and non-binding exterior comfortably accommodate ...

What is orthotic insole?

The orthotic insoles with cushioning layers and anatomical arch provide support for maximum comfort. It also helps reduce pain on the ball and heel of the foot usually caused by diabetes and neuropathy. The soles are lightweight and ergonomically designed with air cushioning to soften your steps and enhance stability.

Can you walk with orthotic sandals?

You can still enjoy walking around when the temperatures run high with these beautiful orthotic sandals. It has similar features like those of Orthofeet’s but come in an open toe style. The open toe design keeps diabetic feet cool and dry while protecting them from injury. The two-way innovative straps are adjustable for a more customized fit.

Is it hard to be diabetic?

Being diabetic is hard enough as it is and when you add neuropathy makes things excessively difficult. Most people with diabetes struggle with diabetic neuropathy, it usually destroys the nerves in the feet and legs and makes you not feel them anymore. This can result in complications and serious infections.

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